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Dallas, Texas




Are you afraid of blood? We were all so young then. She entertains the children. I'll tell him tomorrow. He stood under the door frame. All men must die. A raindrop fell. This is all wrong. We just got rid of everything.

I have five sons. Two of them are engineers, another is a teacher and the others are students. Diane got a call from James. I don't have time to talk right now. Urs looks like he wants to say something. I like fresh air. Narendra went to math camp. The first item on the programm is... Salted pretzels were the favourite snack of the kids. What is a think factory? We used emergency measures to revive the cardiac arrest patient.

I didn't kiss her. Courage is a strange thing: One can never be sure of it. I knew a guy named Nicolette. Raymond drew a revolver and shot John's hat off his head. How did dinner go yesterday? Maybe Jane will come. Then there shouldn't be any problem.

Read your paper over again before you hand it in. What has become of the book I put here a few minutes ago? Now, wait a second. It's not like you to be late. Let's see if we can get their attention. Can I help you somehow?

I hope you like what I gave you. Bobbie is very busy today, but he'll try to fit you in somewhere.

Amarth squeezed the lemon. I could not stop myself from crying aloud. Gill found an orphaned baby squirrel.

Do you want to go out tonight? The building was totally destroyed by the earthquake. Rudy sounded exhausted. I didn't date her for her brains. This is nuts. We've likely made a mistake. I think this table takes up too much space. I assume you know what this is. It's your turn. Please come this way. We invited our new neighbors over for a drink.

Kate is quite conceited, isn't he?

Where did you get the recipe? He was engaged in medical research. Do you have any problem with what we have planned for tonight? Jordan smiled briefly. This music suits my present mood. Did you plan that with her? To tell the truth, I have no money with me now. Markus has a younger sister.

My German dictionary is a treasure trove of strange and enchanting words. He showed kindness by giving me a piece of advice. Can't we use a simile here? Let's take a walk. Let me know when you get that report back from Malus. It was Victor who washed your car. She reached up to kiss him. Klaudia said that he needed a little more time. I like them, foreign languages.

Please feel free to ask me questions. I will accept your decision, whatever it will be. Is there a problem with her? Why is my dog always scratching himself? I hope you get shot by a stray bullet. I would really appreciate a glass of cold beer. The play was far from being a failure.

Patty saw Kamiya smiling. I left my briefcase in the bus. I blame Pierce for this mess. Celeste is walking backwards. Look, what a nice team!

Let me introduce myself. Three pieces, including a small one. I just want to go to work. Connie arrived on time in spite of the storm. Scot wants to feel important.

Tovah always checks the caller ID before he answers the phone. She came up to me and asked my name.

I'm taking over. We're just about finished with this job. Maybe it's a price worth paying. I'm hoping that will happen. Students are required to perform one hour of community service per week.